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Parts of the Banjo
Rolls Intro
Forward Roll
Forward-backward Roll
Double Thumb Roll
Foggy Mountain Roll
The C Chord
Using Rolls to Play Melodies
Skip to my Lou
Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms 1
Boil them Cabbage Down
Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms 2
This Land is Your Land
Rolls IntelliTab #1
Rolls IntelliTab #2

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My lessons use the unique capabilites of an online website to offer you the same kinds of examples and advice that I give my private students. You can listen to and watch me demonstrate all the music and techniques presented in each lesson and then practice and learn them at your own pace. If you forget anything I'm always there to do it again!

BanjoTrain lessons include much more than one song or technique. Each lesson contains several songs and teaches all of the skills needed to play them. You will receive the same amount of material found in most book/CD or DVD lessons at a substantially lower price. Plus you can easily go to any part of the lesson at any time.

Here are some sample screens from Lesson #1. Click on each one to see a bigger image.

Lesson 1 Sample Page 1

Lesson 1 Sample Page 2

Here's a sample from my video demonstrating the Foggy Mountain Roll using a thumb lead:

Lesson 2 Sample Page 1

Lesson 1 is designed to give you a complete introduction to the banjo itself including:

  • How to tune the banjo.
  • Selecting and using picks.
  • Basic left and right hand technique.
  • Reading tablature.
  • The first chord, C.

The main focus of Lesson 1 is on the right hand and playing basic picking patterns called rolls. These patterns are the starting point for learning to play bluegrass banjo. They are essential to developing the ability to play melodies using the continuous stream of notes that is what makes the banjo sound SO good!

I include several well-known songs to show you how to use the rolls to immediately start playing real music. I include recorded examples of everything presented so you can hear how the music sounds. I've taught this material to many private students and I include specific suggestions based on my years of experience teaching beginning students.

Finally, I've developed a system of interactive tablature I call IntelliTab that lets you click on measures of tablature and show a different version of the material being covered. This way you can create your own varations of the exercises instantly!

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